What is Web Hosting and Why Do I Need it?

Web Hosting and Why Do I Need it

What is web hosting?

Website content like text, images and code are stored on computers that are known as web servers. To make your website visible to other people on the internet you need to host your website on these servers. A web hosting provider allocates some space on its web server to make your websites accessible to other internet users around the world. You need to buy this server space to store your website content. Buying a server space means renting server space on a web server where your files will be placed. So that, whenever someone wants to visit your website, by entering domain name he/she can access your website.

To host a website one needs a domain name- an address from where internet users can access your website. This domain needs to be registered before you host a website on it.

In simple words, a domain name is your street address and the web server is the space where you live-your home.

Why You Need Web Hosting?

Web hosting is essential to reach out your audience over the internet. To make your website live on the internet, domain and hosting go hand in hand, and both of them play an important role to host your website. It would become difficult to find your house without an address. Similarly, a website cannot be accessed without the domain name. Only a registered domain will serve no purpose, neither only putting your content on the web server will. You need to connect your domain name to a hosting account server in order to make your web content accessible to the internet users. Once your web pages are stored on the web server a web hosting provider connects these pages to the internet by powerful connections, making it available to multiple users to access your website at the same time.

Types of web hosting services

Shared Hosting

In shared hosting, a common web server is used by multiple users. The resources of the server are shared by multiple websites. This is the most commonly used web hosting service as it is one of the most economical option for your website.

Dedicated Hosting

In dedicated hosting, you can lease a whole server for your website, if you do not wish to share the server resources with the other users.

You get complete access to your server that can be managed on your own. This kind of web hosting is most suitable for a large organization with higher website traffic.

Reseller Hosting

With reseller hosting, the account owner can resell a portion of his disk space and bandwidth to other users. Sub-accounts can be created within a single hosting account. These sub-accounts act like an individual hosting account.

Virtual Private Server

In a virtual server environment, one gets full root access to the server at no additional cost. A single web server is further divided into multiple virtual servers that appears to the user as a dedicated server.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the most popular technology among the organization these days. It works on divide and rule concept- the resources required to run your website are divided across more than one web server. So, your website doesn’t completely depend on one single server but a cluster of servers that work together knows as “the cloud”.


Web Hosting is the service that makes the availability of your website across the internet. The two most important aspects of web hosting are Domain and Web Server. There are multiple types of web hosting services available with the hosting providers. You have to choose the web hosting, according to the requirement of your website.

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