What is E-mail Marketing?

What is E-mail Marketing

Email marketing refers to directly sending a commercial message, to a group of people through email. In the broadest sense, every email which is sent to the current potential customer is considered to be email marketing.

 Email marketing generally involves using email to send ads, request sales, request for business, donations etc. It also helps in building loyalty, brand awareness and trust. Email marketing can be done to sell lists or for a current customer database. On a broad level, the term is habitually used to refer to sending email messages with the only purpose of enhancing the relationship of a merchant and the current/previous customers. Email marketing platform helps in encouraging customer loyalty and also repeat businesses, acquires new customers or even convince current customers to purchase something instantaneously, and also adds advertisements to email messages that are sent by other companies to their customers.

Types of email marketing

  • Transactional emails

Transactional emails are generated based on the customer’s action with the company. In order to fall in the category of transactional emails, the purpose of the mails should be to confirm, facilitate and complete a commercial transaction with the recipient. Transactional emails include order status emails, email receipts, dropped basket messages; password reset emails, reorder emails, and purchase or order confirmation emails.

The main purpose of transaction email marketing platform is to convey information related to the action which has been generated. It gives an opportunity to increase and engage more customers.

  • Direct emails

Direct emails, also known as interruption-based marketing involves sending an email exclusively to communicate a particular promotional message. Companies collect a list of customers and their email addresses and send direct promotional messages to them.

  • Mobile email marketing

Nowadays you will see that email marketing develops large amounts email marketing platform traffic through smart phones. Marketers are still researching for ways to capture the attention of users, in both volume as well as span. This is done because the rate of delivery is still relatively low as compared due to strengthened filters. Also, certain users have multiple email accounts that serve you with unique purposes. So, the emails are generated according to the tracked behaviour of the consumers. This makes it possible to adapt and modify materials and plan startegies according to the consumers’ needs and requirements.

Tips for the best email marketing

  • Pay attention to the attainment source in order to consider the overall performance
  • Make emails more personalized, by using the subscriber’s first name
  • Try using Segment email lists, and test frequency and test offers
  • Create an automated email campaign for all your subscribers
  • Provide the subscribers with the option to receive few emails and the option to select the types of emails they want to receive.

When it comes to choosing the best email marketing platform, then without any doubt first hive strategies of email marketing designs campaigns which help in building the brand image and also helps in increasing the customers.

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