Top 4 Tips to Improve your Data Centre Efficiency

Top 4 Tips to Improve your Data Centre Efficiency

The spectrum of data centers has been undergoing numerous changes in the recent years. Data centers have become an integral part of business infrastructure and thus, they get more exposure and robust using advanced technologies. If you think about it in a larger perspective, a data centre, also known as centro de datos, must be created to provide an extended level of flexibility, availability, and scalability to an organization’s functions and operations.

Well, each business has a precise motive behind a data center installation. That means one of the major goals of such businesses is optimization of the data center efficiency. Here are four effective tips to help you achieve this objective.

1. Optimize the IT power

Basically, IT systems require power delivery. One way of enhancing your data center efficiency is by lowering the amount of power required by IT equipment. This amount of power is known as payload power. Note that about 60% of payload power is consumed by servers. Here are actions you can take to reduce the amount of power required.

  • Clean up your workload and shut down all unnecessary processes
  • Consolidate all your virtual machines
  • When necessary, virtualize as many workloads as possible
  • Eliminate severs that are powered but aren’t doing anything useful
  • Replace old, inefficient servers with new ones

 2. Optimize your data center space

In most cases, data centers that were set up before the advent of server visualization are likely to be overbuilt for the current equipment requirements. This enables further reduction of the data center space for IT equipment and less power.

When setting up a new data center, it’s wise to consider a modular design. This design breaks down the entire data center system into individual sections that can continuously be refreshed as part of a more flexible, organic data center design.

3. Optimize data center cooling

To achieve a desirable level of data center efficiency, a data center manager should adopt the facility cooling practices. These include;

Ensure your air conditioning system is efficient: Consider turning off the air conditioning system frequently. You can also use an alternative cooling source like an air optimizer or vary the speed when necessary. This reduces the amount of energy required by the cooling system.

Contain the heat produced: consider setting up separate structures that can house pieces of equipment that generate a lot of heat. The heat can be funneled out of the data center to other sections of the building.

4. Eliminate all data center cooling and power inefficiencies

Old power delivery systems such as power distribution units, transformers, and uninterruptible power supply can have a negative impact on your facility’s PUE ratios. Though assessing the current situation, future needs, and modern alternatives need time and financial commitments, the entire process can generate significant returns in terms of savings and improved PUE ratio.


Use DCIM tools

You can achieve finer energy efficient refinements by using an effective data center infrastructure management software. Such a tool offers the necessary link between the physical facilities (structures and environmental controls) and operational requirements of the IT equipment.

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