The Possible Reasons for Declining Rankings in Your Website.

The Possible Reasons for Declining Rankings in Your Website

Enterprises and businesses devote a large sum of resources and time to making sure that they get a tremendous ranking on online platforms. So it is reasonable if you start being anxious and dreadful when you notice a drop in your search rankings. So before you look for a solution and a way to avoid such low rankings in the future, you must first find out the reasons behind this decline. The Cardinal Digital Marketing has compiled some of the major reasons and ways of identifying low ranks.

Reasons as to why there might be dropped rankings

Are your search rankings declining? Here are the reasons why.

§  Lost links

If your site has small backline profile, then the chances of losing a link are high. Whenever backlinks are removed or become unreachable then your sites right is affected, therefore, causing the rankings to drop significantly.

§  Alterations in algorithms

This is the most worrying thorn that every business experiences. The effects caused by the rolling changes in Google is hard to understand Sometimes. This impacts how the owners of business access to search results hence keeping track of ranking can be hard. Use the MozCast or any other tool that can help in identifying variations in search results of your website.

§  New links

New domains resulting from new links might cause your rankings to drop temporarily. This happens especially to those sites that have ever experienced trust issues. The power of the new links might be randomized by Google in that case. To determine if the new link is the cause of the decline in ranking, use the Majestic or the Ahrefs backlink tools.

§  Alteration in website

In some rare cases, the Cardinal Digital Marketing web developer might make changes to your website without notifying your team or you. In that case, you have to schedule a regular crawl to ascertain if any changes have been made on your website.

§  Dropped redirections

If you have ever rebranded your site then it is dependent on the redirects. Redirects affect the website especially if the backlinks are bad since the domain goes with the backlinks embedded in them. If the redirects are modified or removed, the rankings change too. To fix this, you have to check the past redirects to make sure that they are still live.

§  Modifications in search behavior

At times, Google alters the priority sites whenever there is an increase in the searches in a particular topic. Maybe your site has been appearing on top but after the changes, it is pushed down so as to create an opportunity for the contents that are closer to real time.

In conclusion, when you know the reasons for the negative changes in the ranking of your website, then you can be able to determine the best course of action in order to inverse the damages done. The Cardinal Digital Marketing can help to make sure that your website never experiences declined in ranking. Contact us today for this and other fabulous services that we offer.

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