Seven Questions a Web Design Company Needs to Ask Before Commencing a Project

Seven Questions a Web Design Company Needs to Ask Before Commencing a Project

Investing in web design is becoming a necessity for any business. This means that many companies are looking for a web design company to help them create a website that will help them achieve their goals and that understand the essence of great web design and development. There are many different ways that a web design company can operate and tackle a new web design project. So, to make things easier, if you are in the business of providing web design services, here are seven questions you should ask your potential clients before you tackle any web design project.

1. What is your business about?

A company hired to take care of designing a website needs to be familiar with the nature of its client’s business to provide a valuable output. You can’t create the kind of website that meets the needs of visitors and at the same time provides information that the owner wants if you don’t know what the business is about. While you’re at it, ask about products, service offerings, competitors, employees, and business history.

2. Do you have an existing website?

You need to know if you have to build something from scratch or you have to make major changes to an existing website. For instance, you can ask the client if they like the current website when they do have one and what they want to modify.

3. What is the goal of your website?

A company concentrating on web design should also know what the client wants to achieve. It’s not enough to just build a website because it’s the trend. It should have a definite purpose which can either be to sell services and goods, increase social media following, build an email list and so on.

By keeping the goal in mind, you will have a guide on how the website should be built and which features it need to boast.

4. What is your target market?

The audience will affect the campaign you are launching. You need to find a way to be more attractive to that population segment to drive results. A web design company that knows the market will have to ask this question to create a website that meets the needs of the target market.

5. What is the company’s unique quality?

Every company is unique, and this unique quality makes them stand out. A web design company should also ask how a particular business is different from all the others. This is the selling point which should be emphasized.

6. Which companies are you competing with?

It’s not just enough to know the qualities of a website, it also pays to learn about the competition. This will make it easier to create a unique website. If the business has a mortgage calculator, for instance, and the competitor lacks this feature, visitors would most likely prefer your page since it is more useful.

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7. Which kind of features do you want?

A web design company needs to know what a business wants to see on its website. So, the company must be ready to provide a concrete answer to this.

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