Roofing Apps You Didn’t Know You Need

Roofing Apps You Didn't Know You Need

A house faces a series of harmful environmental impacts while keeping us safe and comfortable. The roof is one of the most important elements of the structure that acts as a primary frontier against the rain, sun and strong winds. Roofing is among the most important elements of house maintenance and requires the best professional skills to get reliable results. Along with sophisticated tools and advance roofing solutions, digitization is also transforming how roofing is done. Smartphones are everywhere and there is a mobile app for anything and everything one can probably think of. If getting a roofing is on your house maintenance checklist, why not use these great apps for the best roofing services experience.

  1. Pitch Gauge
    A brilliant app for folks that have sloped roofs. This app uses the phone camera, accelerometer and some smart processing to calculate the pitch of your roof while you sit on your couch leisurely. It saves you the effort of having to climb up on the ladder and use the inefficient tools to do so. Also, it is safer than climbing a sloped roof and easier to get an accurate measure quickly. For more precise results, you can place the phone against the roof shingles and let the app take care of the rest.
  2. Roof Calculator Pro
    As the name suggests, it is a sophisticated tool that can do all sorts of roofing measurements and calculation. The users can feed in every little detail like the chimney, valley, roofing materials, floors, types of shingles and other specific details to get an accurate calculation of material costs, size, material needs etc. Users can also customise the model with additional details, add itemized pricing and include extra items they use for their service and generate a quote. It is mainly designed for contractors and roofing service providers.
  3. GAF colours
    This is an impressive app that would surely surprise the house owners. GAF Colours enables you to visualise the house in different roofing styles and material because you actually start with the roofing. Users can simply select the roofing template, shingle materials and shades and mask it over the image of the house. Simply capture the house in the frame and play around with this virtual dressing room for roofing.
  4. Roofing Bid
    Roofing sometimes can be an expensive affair with a number of variables in play. With a smart cost estimation app like the Roofing Bid, users can get a better estimates of the time, material cost and labour efforts required for a roofing job. One can choose from a variety of roofing materials, roof measurements and key in custom prices to get the right estimate.
  5. Roof Bid Helper
    A brilliant choice for roofing calculations and estimates, Roof Bid Helper is worth using. It is a simple app that lets the user enter roof dimensions, feed miscellaneous details like eaves, rakes valleys, slopes etc. and get elaborate reports on the material usage and wastage.

Smartphones have been making our lives simpler for quite some time now. With these great apps and smart tools, you can not only simplify your job but also enhance productivity and get better results. The roof is an essential part of the house structure that not only protect from weather conditions but also contributes to the look of the house. So, use these wonderful apps and get the best from roofing services.

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