Recharge Facility – Benefits All The Way to The Customer

Recharge Facility - Benefits All The Way to The Customer

Facilities like recharge and settlement of bills by making timely payments are facilitated by the brand websites of all service operators as well as third-party resellers. With the launch of digital payment Apps that facilitated easy recharge and bill payment, things became less stressful for the end customers. Most prominently used Apps are those that are mobile-based payment apps developed by third-party aggregators. Though some of the service providers also have their Apps, the general tendency is to use the aggregator App more compared to the service providers.

These Apps are dynamic, are fast and reliable. They use the latest technology related to payment gateways and cyber security features to make the customer’s transaction hack-free and malware-free.

Some of the features of these payment Apps are:-

  • Most of these Apps are UPI based (Unified Payments Interface). The interface is an instant payment platform which means the customer can transfer money instantly from the bank to the payment App. The Unified Payments Interface has been developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) under the supervision of the Reserve Bank of India.
  • Numerous price related offers and cashback deals for the customers. Some of the newer Apps from start-up companies offer scores of discounts and deals to attract customers.
  • The Apps facilitate bill payments and recharge of different types of services that range from mobile prepaid connections to booking bus and movie tickets; from paying utility bills like electricity, gas, etc. to paying insurance EMI every month.
  • Some of these Apps are enabled to support an in-brand virtual wallet or an online wallet of another aggregator. These wallets are beneficial because the customer can transfer money from his bank account to the wallet at any time of the day. Once the wallet is loaded, it can be used to purchase items and pay bills against recharge of services from the App, the website of the aggregator, any physical store where the wallet is accepted and App of another reseller that allows payment using the wallet.
  • Some of the reseller Apps is also enabled to perform some tasks related to personal assistants like sending reminders, conduct searches to find places or shops nearby, etc.
  • Many of these Apps, especially the ones that are backed by prominent banks are Visa and Mastercard supported.
  • Most of these reseller Apps enable smooth and simple transaction that conclude in minutes.
  • Few of the Apps offer discount coupons that can be used at stores that are in partnership with the particular reseller.

The vendors or service providers that are supported by these third party Apps are plenty. Some support a huge number of vendors, and some support a limited number. One needs to choose to download a particular App based on the services registered with the reseller and the partner merchant/vendor. It is best to search online for best deals and offers from resellers before picking the final one.

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