Protective Technology: Apps Your Employees Can Use For Safety

Protective Technology: Apps Your Employees Can Use For Safety

Employers are aware of their duties and responsibilities in providing safety for employers. Likewise, a worthy goal in workplaces involves improving the health and safety of employees.

Establishing safety in your workplace can influence productivity and protect everyone from accidents and potential threats.

Applications Your Employees Can Use For Their Safety

Protective technology has been developing to provide health and safety applications your employees can use in the workplace. These applications health and safety management, and make it possible for you and your employees to be cautious during operations.

  1. Vault Notify

When work accidents occur at your workplace, it is crucial that they gather as much evidence and information as possible. Further, this app allows employees to record information and take photos from their mobile device which can be useful during investigation or legal matters. This app also sends incident notifications and collect immediate response on corrective actions. It can work offline, and is cloud-based.

  1. First Aid App

The is an official First Aid Application that provides expert information about health and safety in the palm of your employees’ hand. This application is very easy and provides step by step instructions so workers are able to efficiently address various accidents, mishaps, and severe injuries. It is also integrated with 911 and features helpful videos.

  1. Heat Safety Tool

This application by OSHA allows employees to calculate weather conditions and formulate decisions. Further, this computes health risk levels and notifies users about wearing protective gear. It also reminds employees to take short breaks, etc. This guide provides all information for all industries and affiliated tasks.

  1. NIOSH Lift Calculator

This safety application helps employees formulate ergonomic solutions for reducing physical problems concerning lifting heavy loads. Employees simply enter data about lifting conditions and calculate RWL (recommended weight limit) of a particular task or job.

  1. Ergonomics

This is a free application available on iPhone that provides stretching exercises intended in the workplace. If you have any employees who have common ailments or physical complaints, then encourage them to download Ergonomics app and try out some of the exercises. This app also includes challenges and games to encourage employees to stretch throughout their workday.

  1. Ladder Safety App

Most accidents related ladders can be prevented. Ladders are usually utilized in office spaces when there is a need to get documents for the tallest shelf and other situations. Unfortunately, some employees or construction workers may use ladders at a wrong angle which can then result in workplace accidents, injuries, and health hazards.

This safety application utilizes sound and visual signals to position the ladder in the appropriate position. Moreover, it features multimodal indicator, 508 complaint, and offers interactive reference material.

  1. Noise Sniffer

This simple safety app has one goal: save workers from hazardous noise levels. Once the employee presses start, the application measures the noise levels in the area and provide a decibel readout. 60 decibels or more are considered extremely loud and need immediate resolution.

  1. Hazard Manager Solo

Every workplace or business establishment, should have an emergency evacuation plan. The Hazard Manager Solo helps workers formulate an escape plan. It aids in automating entry, structure, and dissemination of hazard areas on your emergency evacuation plan.


Inform your employees about the various free applications they can use for their safety. Those safety applications can help your employees prevent workplace injuries, and let them know how to deal with any accident that may occur.

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