Picking the Best Service Provider for Your IBM System

Picking the Best Service Provider for Your IBM System

When computers were introduced, the IBM systems followed in line. This previous midrange computer generation that fits IBM users was and is still used by companies today.

When it comes to knowing IBM AS400, which was the first platform introduced, the model is utilized by a lot of small and intermediate-sized firms. But of course, when it comes to system problems, the right service provider should be contacted. Whatever you are facing here, may it be cloud computing or backup and disaster recovery needs, everything is answered by that specific provider. You only need to know the company before giving your trust.

Uses of AS400

It is with IBM’s AS400 which companies are starting out to work hard with their measures. This is because the system is noted to be effective as its uses include:

o   Data Warehousing

AS400 contains multi-gigabytes of RAM. Also, it obtains multi-terabytes of hard disk which makes it an excellent source for huge amounts of data worked out with companies.

o   Corporate Groupware Services

AS400 provides project file sharing, sophisticated e-mail procedures, and electronic collaboration to make work a lot easier.

o   Java Application Development

AS400 can be utilized as a development system because of its integrated Java machine. It also obtains other new tools which are specifically designed by IBM to work with commercial Java applications.

o   Web and E-Commerce Serving

AS400 handles internet serving because it is equipped with a web server and useful applications which are designed to support e-commerce. This works with taking and tracking orders, working with suppliers, and offering services to clients.

When Choosing a Provider

It is not easy to choose a provider for your company’s IBM AS400. But these measures can help you see that specific company who is honest with his dealings.

o   Know-How

Choose a company who has been in this industry for years. This is because such provider can guarantee you exact solutions to your IBM problems. But of course, you must not forget to inspect the company’s background, particularly with reputation.

o   Admin Support

A good company has responsive administration support. They deal with:

  • Performance reporting

It is the job of the service provider to handle tasks and provide you performance reports.

  • Configuration management

Tracking and monitoring services delivered towards customers are responded with the provider.

  • Service level agreements

This involves the provider’s assurance of a basic level service clients are comfortable with.

o   Pricing Structure

As a customer, you need to pay for what you are served. With this, the provider should offer outstanding services to satisfy clients. Things you need to be wary of are large upfront costs which is not the standard for IBM service providers. This is because the company works with a pricing scheme of having the customer get what is requested.

o   File Security

You have to find a company who works with you honestly, especially that you have important files to maintain. Be sure to check out the provider’s security practices which deal with:

  • Security policies

Policies made by the provider should be secured. They have to be comprehensive with their procedures, specifically in the access of customer systems.

  • Identity management

The provider needs to authorize any hardware component or application service.

  • Data backup and retention

All the given policies and processes should be followed strictly. This maintains customer data integrity.

Last Thoughts

Looking for the right service provider for your IBM needs is a bit tough. But if you try to look at these tips, then you can find that specific company who offers a marvelous job which you will be contented with.

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