Moving and Organization Apps You Need to Download

Moving and Organization Apps You Need to Download

Shifting to a new place is a tedious and challenging task. There is too much to do – packing, organising, unpacking, setting up the new place and what not, while taking care of other errands. Be it moving your house, office or shop, moving is confusing, complicated and stressful. While you can also opt for the moving services to take care of the packing and logistics, the organising part still lays on your plate. Luckily, the curious app developers and fabulous advancements in technology have made this simpler and effective for us. So, if you are moving to a new place, check out these fantastic organising apps to optimise your move.

  1. Sortly
    Sortly is a revolutionary moving inventory app that redefines how you pack and organise your stuff. With just a few simple steps you can save a lot of your effort and organising troubles after you move. Just capture the image of your items, categorize them into different boxes and pack them up. With the app, you can generate QR code labels for the boxes, and just scan them later to know its contents. Sortly makes it easy to track and store your items in a systematic manner.
  2. Magic Plan
    One of the biggest challenges with moving is to decide on the layout of the furniture and items in the new place. With MagicPlan, you can create a virtual layout for your new house and decide what goes where. The app is quite pretty fantastic, as it can analyse measurements and all you need is to take some pictures and start mapping. With MagicPlan, you can plan your layout from scratch, get creative and create an appealing look for your new home.
  3. Let go
    There might a lot of things that you wouldn’t want at your new place or are planning to replace them, how about you give them away to someone else. Something similar to your backyard sale, just with a little digitization, Letgo is the new way to give away the stuff you don’t need. Just take a few pictures, post the ad and let the buyers come to you.
  4. Google Keep
    Google has been making our lives easier with its bucket load of fabulous tools. Keep is yet another organising and list-sharing tool that you might love. Moving can be full of confusions and it is easy to lose track. With Keep, you can make your checklists, organise your tasks, monitor timelines and achieve your targets.
  5. Home Move Pro
    Experience is valuable and can help avoid mistakes. If you are moving for the first time, or are still new to it, learn from other’s experiences. Home Move Pro find for you similar moving checklists to help you streamline your moving process, plan it more efficiently and identify the pointers you might have missed.

While these apps help you organise and streamline your moving schedule, there are a few apps like Next door that would help you know about your new locality, make new friends and provide updates about the neighbourhood and Bright Nest that offers tips to manage your new home expenses and creative ideas to create a lovely place.

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