Is Online Hiring For You? An Assessment on Job Search Engines

An Assessment on Job Search Engines

Online hiring has radically transformed the recruitment industry. It benefits employers and job seekers in different ways. This hiring process is quite faster, as employers can instantly get potential talent for their company.

This hiring process utilizes the internet to match recruiters to appropriate job positions. It proceeds in the form of advertising job openings on job portals, career sites, and corporate websites. Generally, this prompts multiple responses, but attracting an immense number of potential employees is only a part of the online hiring process.

Despite the accessibility of online hiring, some employers still refuse to use this method. In some cases, they are dubious about the process and prefer the traditional way of recruiting.

Is Online Recruitment For You?

Perhaps online hiring is not meant for everyone. Conducting an assessment on online hiring such as knowing its process, and figuring out the pros and con can help you decide if it is for you.

  1. Wider reach

The penetration of the global computer network has crossed geographical boundaries. Thus, online hiring reaches a wider audience compared to advertising vacancies using print media.

  • Finding ideal applicants: Since the message is delivered to a broader market, there is a higher chance of getting respondents that will be most suitable for the position.
  • Use sorting tools: Using effective sorting tools to evaluate which applicants can help you. It would consume so much time and costly to manually sort through hundreds of resumes and applications.
  1. Quicker

Since online candidates are just a Skype call away, it may be possible to interview potential applicants within a day upon posting job advertisements online. This quick process is a bonus for companies that are in need to recruit new personnel for extra workload in as short as 48 hours.

  1. Cost-Effective

Online hiring can be cost-effective when planned properly. Recruitment officers can save time by posting vacancy advertisements on reliable job websites. Since there is no need for printing job advertisements, and automated pre-selection process is feasible, companies are able to cut costs.

  1. Direct Interaction

Since online hiring is direct and personal, recruiters are able to interact with candidates easily. Queries are addressed immediately, and both parties are able to exchange information smoothly. Online hiring brings employers closer to prospect employees.

  1. Advantages and Disadvantages

Lastly, let’s evaluate the pros and cons of online hiring to help you determine if it meets your requirements.

  • Pros: Generally, online hiring can be an advantage because it is immediate, cost-effective, easier, reaches a bigger audience, flexible, accessible, and expedites hiring process. In addition, your job postings will stay online for a very long time unless the website removes it.
  • Cons: Online hiring also has its disadvantages. It can be difficult to target candidates amidst hundreds of applicants. It can also be expensive depending on the reliable job website/platform you use. Further, online hiring is impersonal, informal, and you may get fraudulent or irrelevant applicants who will be wasting your time.


Online hiring continues to become indispensable for some employers and recruiters. Know more about online hiring and see if it meets your recruitment needs. Meanwhile, in the event when employment issues occur upon online recruitment, it is best to consult an employment law attorney.

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