IPhone tracker- how is our iPhone tracking our every move?

IPhone tracker

A little known feature in your iPhone could have been tracing your every step or move and it knows you live and where do you work and everywhere you have been and everything you do. The iPhone tracker uses GPS to track your every step and then stores your data where about every time you use your iPhone. Inbuilt GPS in your iPhone is an essential feature of most modern mobile phones and with Google Maps that is one of the most widely-downloaded apps on the apps store, a must for pinpointing your every location where ever you go and getting around. But did you know that your iPhone is using that GPS to track your every step, location and your every move whatever you do and store that data about your where about every time you uses your device? Privacy campaigner were outraged in 2011 when two British software developers discovered that Apple had been tracking users location in a hidden data file whenever the uses their phones.

The latest discovery that most of the iPhone users will have turned on without thinking is likely to raise more questions about just why this data is being stored and who has access to it and but, it is stored on the iPhone rather than transmitted over the web to anyone else. If you use iPhone then the chances are that every single step you do is being tracked and location by location, including the exact times you were there. It is an android all that tracking data is being sent straight to google. Apple company has told NBC that they use the information to provide personalized services and that information will be kept solely on your device and won`t be sent to apple without your consent. Google, the maker of android has told NBC news that their users have ability to enable or disable location capabilities both on their android devices and google accounts

How to shut off tracking on an iPhone

When you are using your iPhone go to setting, and under setting, select Privacy. Then after this select location services, and after this select system services. Select frequent locations and then slide frequent locations to “off” position.

Without your knowledge and consent every move you make is being tracked and the frequent locations systems pinpoint the places. If you have not disabled the feature that means apple knows where you work or live. Buried in your iPhone tracker location setting is a feature that above that was frequent locations and this is plotting the places you often go and include complete addresses. If something about this feels not good to you then the process is above discussed. It is perhaps no secret that mapping services in your iPhone have long been able to identify that where you are going and record. But it will come as a shock to Apple users to discover that their iPhones are actually plotting that information on an actual map that they can access.


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