iOS 11 to Sport the Doze Mode Feature


Running all the applications on one’s Smartphone or another gadget through operating systems and actually using advanced devices which happens run on OS was not imagined at all. And by this, general public can see how technology is doing wonders for only the benefit of people. Everyone may not get hands on a costly device but almost every gadget is equipped with a particular OS which is a key feature. Or else the gadget will fail to function and even the people who create such operating systems make sure to develop the OS in best possible way. It boosts the performance and the OS gets started when a gadget is turned on. Apart from users of Apple, even the others are aware of the very popular iOS but operating systems are also associated with the name Android, Windows and also Balackberry. These four awesome operating systems are certainly the best and there have always been healthy and stiff competitiveness among the four operating systems. But iOS has been claimed as the best one as it stands out and this review has been given by many user of Apple. The gadgets equipped with the popular OS by Apple hardly get hung and performance wise the OS does justification. Till today, ten generations of the popular iOS has been out and the next is the eleventh one which would be named iOS 11. A date in September 2017 is surely fixed for the iOS 11 Release Date and this strong speculation emerged only after looking at the launch date of most of the iOS versions. Therefore, Apple fanatics may think that the iOS 11 can make an entry in September 2017. Updates are obviously going to happen as the eleventh generation OS by Apple will surely sport favourable facilities and features.

So, as far as the revamping is concerned, there are a lot of things which iOS 11 could actually deliver and one of them is the Doze Mode feature. This will basically elevate battery capacity of the gadget, actually it was launched by Google as well and the feedbacks were good. So will Apple plan on making this happen for the iOS 11?

All Apple users think that its high time for the AI Siri to get a bit updated as they want it to see ahead of Google’s AI. Maximum people rather Apple users are desperately waiting to see Siri getting suited with the other apps and not only third party ones.

However, which iPhone user who loves utilising or being on FaceTime all the time would not want to see it also featuring the facility of group calling? Video calling with several people, that too simultaneously is a great thing. Most people anyway stated that they like FaceTime a lot but they are still waiting the company to introduce the amazing feature of group video calling. However, the particular wish might be granted with the upcoming iOS 11.

However, iOS 11 getting revamped to great extend is much anticipated so let’s hope the eleventh generation OS get a launch date in September itself.

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