Improving Customer Satisfaction with A Digital Kiosk

Improving Customer Satisfaction with A Digital Kiosk

As a small business owner, collecting customer satisfaction surveys are an important process to gauge people’s’ experiences, and to provide data to reflect on how much customers like your business services and products and even after-sales services. Customer happiness has a direct correlation to profit – so a key business questionare – do you do you have an effective method to collect customer satisfaction data?Businesses that measure good customer satisfaction data are destined to retain more customers and boost repeat business. Hence every company in the current digital world needs to introduce a repeatable process to evaluate its customer loyalty and conduct customer satisfaction surveys that provide data to answers questions of why some customers enjoyed their service or why other customersdid not enjoy the same service. You can capture customer satisfaction data through various methods such as: –

  • Forms on your website
  • Conversations with customers
  • Customersatisfaction questionnaire
  • Digital kiosk forms

As a business owner are you able to get timelyfeedback from your customer base? How well have you leveraged mobile, web platforms or digital kiosk solutions in the capture of customer satisfaction data? To enhance their customer experience businesses should consider well-structured customer satisfaction surveys using a digital kiosk solution or other digital methods; The right kiosk solution will provide a professional looking and branded digital presence to collect customer insights, that deliversconsistent data collection to help gain visibility into both customer praise and complaints. When used effectively, a digital kiosk can meet additional customer data collection needs including email or event registration.

Introducing a thoughtful customer satisfaction survey into your business process using a digital kiosk will be very rewarding for your business. In contrast to ineffective written forms, a digital kiosk helps deliver consistency in the collected data. It also improves the ability of a small business to compete with much larger businesses that have deep pockets to invest in expensive customer satisfaction software solutions.

Here are some important metric conceptsa business should consider when developing a customer satisfaction survey:

  1. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

This approach favors measure level of customer satisfaction from a purchased a service or good. For example, “How would you rate your overall satisfaction with the goods/service you received? Use the Star rating 1-5 stars”. CSAT most often used since it directly accesses customer satisfaction since figure such a 5-star show they were highly satisfied. It is important to implement a digital kiosk solution that enables asking customers to rate their experience.

  1. Customer Effort Score (CES)

It is used to measure the ease at which customer complete a survey task that prompted for their interaction. For example, “How easy was it to deal with our company today?”.  CES can gauge how the function was structured to improve on the overall activities involved in the task. It is important to implement a digital kiosk solution that provides flexible form fields that can capture CES type data.


Organizations that collect customer surveys using a digital kiosk will encourage customers to share candid feedback while simultaneously help the business owner to make more informed business decisions. A cost-effective digital kiosk can help businesses collect relevant and timely customer satisfaction data, without breaking the bank.

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