How to Recover Data from an External Hard Drive

Recover Data from an External Hard Drive

Who has never lost data or files from their computer? And you may be panicked to be able to recover them. Almost nothing is worse than this, losing a college job, a spreadsheet or file of your boss, your favorite songs or even that picture you both liked. Staying crying and whining is not the solution, so you do not need to panic, did you know that it is possible to recover files from a pen drive, an HD and memory card, even though there are no clues that they are still there?

Some companies provide the data recovery service, however before you enter into despair and go running with your HD in your hands you can try some tips that will help you save a good money.

There are some software that help us in this important task, with them we can recover files corrupted anywhere, most have a simple and practical interface to be used and better yet, can be found without license costs. But before we use such programs we need to check what happened.

1- The first step is to connect your external hard drive to another computer, so you can check if the files still appear on your hard drive, if it does, copy to other hardware such as a flash drive or CD.

2 – If you cannot see your files, make sure they are not hidden for some reason, in the DISPLAY MODE, select the SHOW PAGES AND HIDDEN FILES option if by accident someone has hidden the files will appear.

3- Then try to run some antivirus, this is important to know if the HD is infected and perform the cleaning if necessary.

  1. Once this is done, it is time to run software that recovers files, after choosing your software, install and run the program, you must choose where you want to save the data and now just wait to party, the software does almost everything alone, searching for the lost files and saving in a new directory.

Helpful hints: Before installing the software, check compatibility with your operating system.

Warning: The loss of data is not permanent and immediate, the files are temporarily saved and can be recovered, but for this it is important not to use the internet or save other files, as these actions overlap the lost or deleted files, making recovery impossible. Some software already tells you the chances that the files have to be recovered, just make the choice carefully.

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