How to Market Using Mobile Apps?

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With the ever-evolving speed of internet has come ever-evolving ease.

It was a new era altogether when we got introduced to apps on our mobile phones, and we could carry everything ‘ease’ with us in our pocket.

There are more than a million apps in the App Store, and almost sixty thousand are added every month. Play store is on the same lines, with more than a million apps and adding every day.

Use an App for your Business

Every business today has an app, or is in the process of urgently releasing one; since customers rely entirely on their phones for almost everything in the world.

To not have a business app is actually a stupid move since it is a loss of potential business,  your competitors who do have applications aiding their business will profit from this because customers are going to go for ease every time.

Market your App Correctly

With the magnitude of apps all across the internet, it was only a matter of time before we realized the tremendous potential of marketing through these apps; and now it is fundamental to have an app marketing strategy.

Here is what you should keep in mind so that you too can make a fool-proof marketing strategy that is sure to give you great results.

1.    Email marketing is still a thing!

As ancient as it sounds, email marketing can drive huge traffic to your business.

In the case of an app, you can introduce the audience to the useful features of the app. Discounted and reasonable products and services should be highlighted.

A short newsletter can be made to highlight your achievements. This is used by many popular brand including Policybazaar App which sends updates via email to convert leads to customers.

This task is important, and will flow much more smoothly with the help of a copywriter.

2.    Make your app easy to share

This should be the first thought in any entrepreneur’s mind, that your app should have built-in mechanisms which will enable users to share it with others.

This can be done through the option to share images, data or invitation system, depending on what your app offers and how it works.

If your users cannot share through the medium of your app, it slows them down. If they can share through your app, it also means publicity for the app, since you can always have embedded links in these features.

This will impress users who will enable more traffic to come to you, serving their purpose as well as yours.

3.    Drive reviews

It is well known how reviews can impact any business.

To get your users to review you is not only going to help resolve the gap between the company and customers, or help the company improve, they can be used as tools for marketing.

Offering discounts, extra subscriptions, free trails for writing reviews can lure many customers in and to trying your apps.

This helps you improve your app store optimization and play store optimization (which will be explained later), since higher number of reviews mean you app works with users.

And what these users say is sure to influence others who will then download the app, if reviews and ratings encourage them.

4.    Understand Google Play Store and App store optimization

An understanding of what makes Play Store and App Store rank you higher is the first step to making your app rank higher.

Play Store prioritizes apps based on several ranking factors like ratings, tags, screenshots, app title, and more. App Store algorithms are relatively poorly understood, but it is certain that they prioritize apps heavily on the basis of titles.

Like SEO, it is important to give yourself a boost by sharing your app through various platforms like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Quora, and more.

5.    Marketing through Facebook

Facebook is one of the most important social media channels to advertise on, since it is the oldest in context of what is relevant now.

This means it has the most users, and a higher reach for your app will also depend on how many people there are on a platform to reach, it is obvious that Facebook has tremendous potential.

Some things to keep in mind while you are at advertising and promoting through Facebook:

Mix up your posts; use promoted content as well as sponsored stories to target mobile feeds

Make the appearance appropriate for mobile access, images shouldn’t blow up or be misplaced. A picture will only be displayed at a specific dimension, regardless of its dimensions otherwise. This can lead to cropping and missing out of information.

Avoid that by optimizing your visual content. Always use high resolution; make it easy to read and easy to share.

6.    Promotion through Twitter

The potential of a few tweets from the right places to trigger a movement is now more evident than ever.

Hashtags on twitter are the most clicked on, relative to other social media platforms. Viral content moves at crazy speeds with the twitter bird’s wings.

Start out small testing keywords and phrases before you start trending hashtags. Build up on what is showing you highest results and make your way upwards.

7.    Leverage audiences from others!

You can receive a huge number of new viewers and followers after guest-posting on places with huge audiences.

Platforms like The Huffington Post, for instance, have all kinds of readers and followers and having these introduced to your content can boost app downloads.

Try to reach big publications, since they are much more effective than niche publications and smaller enterprises in boosting your reach.

Well curated content and a good platform are a combination that can trigger a soaring trend in the number of users and downloads of your app.

Now plan your Marketing Strategy

The knowledge of trends and what can have significant impacts on business is a task that requires constant research to stay relevant.

This is important not because you need to follow it to the T, it is important so that you can use these to work around your own marketing strategy. The creativity that you exhibit is what will attract customers.

Innovation is key in any marketing strategy, so don’t be afraid to take risks. But be careful in what risks you take: start out small to test the waters every time.

Work around your target audience and always keep updating your marketing plan. Capitalize on what is new and trending at the moment to attract people to download your app.

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