Health Apps You Could Use To Aid Your Personal Injury Recovery

Health Apps You Could Use To Aid Your Personal Injury Recovery

When you get a personal injury from an accident, your recovery and overall health should be your number one priority. After all, how will you be able to handle the aftermath and legal proceedings (if any) relating to the accident if you are physically and mentally unwell?

After the accident, make sure you do the necessary actions for your case and seek medical attention immediately. The personal injuries you acquire may not be visible after the accident. However, some injuries do show up days or weeks after the incident.

It is crucial to have your injuries detected and treated earlier so that you can take medications, and physical therapy to help you recover.

6 Health Apps That Can Support Your Personal Injury Recovery

After having your injuries checked by a physician, they may recommend some prescription medication, or physiotherapy to aid in your personal injury recovery. Meanwhile, there are available healthy apps which are created to support a person’s injury recovery.

The following are seven health apps which can aid your personal injury recovery:

  1. PT Timer: Stretch and Exercise

This application features an easy timer and rep counter for your exercises. It also helps set up your entire recovery exercise routine and ensures your physical therapy program is on schedule.

  1. iMuscle 2

This app provides you a better way on how to appropriately exercise your body’s various muscles. It features around 650 high definition, 3D animated stretches and workouts. Use this powerful health app for moves that can fortify various parts of your body.

  1. Pain Therapy

If you are looking for a health app that covers 30 stretching and exercise videos, then this one is for you. Their videos are grouped by pain issue, exercise equipment, and anatomy. Further, you can view them on your devices, and Apple TV.

  1. Motion Doctor

A health app designed for physiotherapy, Motion Doctor exhibits ways on preventing painful and distressing syndromes from evolving. It features 60 stretches and exercises for the entire body, which includes sports routines such as boxing and baseball.

  1. Sports Injury

Unsure of the pain on your knee? This health app helps you check symptoms and acquire virtual diagnosis depending on the pain you’re feeling. Sports Injury features over 160 conventional sports injuries and its symptoms to help determine your injuries.

  1. Fooducate

An essential part of your personal injury recovery is maintaining a healthy diet. Fooducate allows you to scan or enter the foods you consume to help track your nutrition. It also quickly evaluates the health profile of foods, and provides ideas for healthy recipes.

  1. Sleep Cycle

Getting plenty of rest is also critical for your recovery and overall wellness. This health app assesses your sleeping patterns to ensure that you are fully rested once you wake up.


Those are the seven health apps you could use to aid your personal injury recovery. The health applications we mentioned can only support you in your recovery. Thus, make sure to get an appropriate diagnosis and treatment. If you were involved in an accident and it left you with personal injuries, make sure to immediately seek legal and medical attention.

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