Facts to Help Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns Reach Higher Success

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Success in digital marketing is never easy to achieve but it’s crucial enough to make or break your business. In order to tame the digital marketing giant, you’ve to make use of the social media. According to experienced online marketers in London, achieving success in the world of online marketing by using social media is definitely tough but without social media, it is almost impossible.

Now, you may ask why?

A senior executive from a renowned social media agency in the city has the  answer for you. Mind you, it’s not just a crush or an infatuation, which is bound to get over any time soon. Rather, it is the kind of love and affection that keep them awake through the middle of the night. Not only that but this love also voluntarily interferes when they’re trying to concentrate on something important. Social networking using the smartphone is the commonest activity when one is bored or has a very little downtime. It is also a massive compulsion for a large number of people from all age groups. Thus, on an average every individual spends about a couple of hours every day on different social media channels.

This adddiction or compulsion, which ever way you consider it, makes social media the most powerful tool for both marketing and advertising, as far as small and medium-sized businesses are concerned. Social media not only offers a level playing  ground for these ranges of businesses but also exposes them to a broader segment of their target audience.

In order to leverage the power of social media in promoting your business, you should have proper understanding of it. Here’re some facts and realities associated with social media and some of its most popular channels.

About social media usage

  • A senior executive from a leading SEO company in London confirms, on an average, a standard internet user maintains as many as 7.6 social media accounts.
  • The number of social media users increased by a whooping 121 million just between the second and the third quarters of 2017.
  • Social media users within the age bracket of 55 and 64 usually interact with branded content twice as much as their younger counterparts.
  • Isn’t it funny that 96% of social media users, who talk about an online brand don’t even care to follow that brand’s profile?
  • Over 3.2 billion images are shared across different social media platforms.
  • Nearly 50% of these users share information on products or services with the hope of helping others improve their lives.
  • Man spends over 5 years and 3 months of his average life span on these digital platforms.

Facebook facts

  • The highest number of Facebook users reside in India and it’s nearly 30 million. The US occupies the second position whereas Brasil and Indonesia are locked in a tight competition for the third position.
  • 8 billion videos are daily watched on Facebook.
  • 5 million of Facebook profiles all over the globe belong to youngsters below the age 10.
  • Though these youngsters are below the permitted age of using Facebook, they’re the biggest brand boosters. Nearly 60% of this crowd religiously follows their favourite brands.
  • The majority of Facebook users prefer sharing funny content, including videos, news and articles.

Instagram facts

  • This social media channel is being used by 233 million users.
  • Stories posted on Instagram are much popular than those posted on Snapchat.
  • Major brands prefer this particular social media channel than its other alternatives.

YouTube facts

  • YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and registers over 3 billion searches every month.
  • The average YouTube session is during the lunch hour at offices and it extends for almost 40 minutes every weekday.
  • Over half the time people watch videos, including both TV and the Internet, they watch it on YouTube.

Twitter facts

  • There exist over 1.3 billion accounts on Twitter, but only a quarter of them is active on regular basis. However, this quarter makes 336 million accounts or users.
  • There’re 200 billion tweets every year.
  • Nearly 55% Twitter users expect a reply from a business in less than an hour. However, if they’ve  a complain or a problem, this fugure rises to 72%.
  • 80% of Twitter users access the social channel from their smartphones.

Pinterest facts

  • 81% of women consider Pinterest a reliable source of news and information.
  • Buyer, who reach your site through Pinterest are 10 times more likely to complete a purchase and make a conversion as compared to the visitors reaching you from  other referrals.
  • The buyers coming from Pinterest usually spend more than the average users coming from other referrals.

Facts about social media in general

  • Today 5 million brands are running their ad campaigns on Facebook alone.
  • Globally, businesses spent US$35 billion in the year 2017 on social media advertisement.
  • The social media channels accounted for 16% of total online advertisements in 2017 worldwide.

Social media marketing is the bottomline rule for businesses to survive and prosper in an unbeleivably competitive atmosphere, which exists today. Just registering your presence there isn’t going to make much difference. Rather, it’s crucial that you undertsand how the game is played and how to rise above the competition.

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