Do’s And Don’ts for aGood Website Design

Do’s And Don’ts for aGood Website Design

Modern day businesses thrive on technology. A website is essential for the growth of any business these days. Any business small or big has to make a website of its own to get more customers and increase their sales. This is for the simple reason that most of the customers would like to have a brief idea of the products and services offered by the firm beforehand and a website greatly helps in the process.

However, designing a website is not a cakewalk. The attractive layout, the efficiency of optimizations and other added features of the website are not achieved in a day. One requires professional expertise in order to develop a website that caters to the need of all the people. Here are some of the considerations that are to be taken care of while designing a website according to

  • Compatibility with all platforms- The very first thing that has to be kept in mind is that your website should be compatible with all the platforms. This means that the website should be developed on a way that it can be run on all the platforms in the same manner. The platforms mainly include the type ofgadget on which the user visits the website. Ensuring the compatibility of the website with all the major platforms is the very first step towards designing a successful website.
  • Design an interactive website- Your website is the face of your business and a major thing that is to be considered is the navigation on the website. Navigation is the most important element to ensure the success of the website. A good website ensures that the user shall be able to easily retrieve the information of his choice. Try to keep all the important links in the top level navigation and make use of common words for heads and sub-heads.
  • Search engine optimization- Always make sure to optimize your site so that it is able to attract more visitors and thus, increase the traffic. A highly optimized website is capable of attracting more visitors who can be turned into potential customers. As a website designer, you should see to it that the content makes use of some of the most commonly used keywords and has links and hyperlinks so that the website is visible to the public eye.

However, while there are some points that are to be taken care pf, there are others that are to be avoided in order to form a successful website. Here is a glimpse of some of the don’ts of a successful website:

  • Don’t cram it up with text- Who would like to visit a website that is crammed up with all the information, most of which is not even relevant. When users visit your site, they would just like to have a quick glimpse of what services and products are you ready to provide them. They would like to have the information in brief and therefore the content on your website should be crisp and short in a way that you are able to express yourself in the most simple and convincing manner.
  • Focus on the visuals- Appearances are not always deceptive and a website is a true example of this. While designing a website, try to focus on the visual part than the textual one. As a designer, you have the superpower to decide what the consumers shall see. Making use of relevant pictures and visual content will ensure that the users are able to see what they want to.
  • Don’t use too many options- This is something that is purely psychological in nature. When you present a person with too many choices, you tend to confuse him with in taking a decision as he has to put in a lot of thought. It would be highly recommended to reduce the choices so as to facilitate easy decision making and instant call to action.

Thus, website designing is a highly technical field that requires a high level of skills and experience with an equally creative mind. And these were some of the things that are to be done or avoided in the designing of a website that every designer should take care of.

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