Choosing the Best Antivirus for Your Business


Plenty of antivirus software is available online,with each and every one of them claiming to be the best. As a business owner, you might be really confused as to which one to choose for your business. Data breaches have become very common nowadays, which has become a nightmare for businesses. One of the massive consumer databases of Equifax was breached last year leading to compromise of personal data of millions of customers. Hence, you should the most powerful and reliable antivirus software for your business to avoid such security threats.

These are some parameters you should consider before you commit to any antivirus software for your business.

  1. Will it ensure complete protection from all possible cyber threats?
  2. How will the software impact the performance of your computers and other devices?
  3. How easy is it to install and setup the software?
  4. Do they provide 24/7 support and automatic updates on a regular basis?
  5. Is the product compatible with all devices like laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones etc.?
  6. Whether it will cover all the security needs of your business?
  7. The overall cost involved and reliability of the product.

Antivirus software does not come under the category of “One Size fits all” since each business will have different elements in their network and the requirements will vary significantly. Before you go ahead and purchase any antivirus software for your business, you should go through the online reviews about the product in various forums to understand how efficiently it can catch all the malware and protectyour systems from all possible cyber threats.

You should also evaluate how much impact it will cause on the speed and performance of your computers, servers and laptops where you will install the software. Some antivirus products in the market can affect the speed of your systems drastically and you should stay away from such products. If you have business-critical applications running on your systems which require speed and performance, you should choose lightweight software which will not put too much load on your system. The software should scan external devices like USB flash drives or CDs before allowing users to copy any files to your system.

Each antivirus comes with different payment methods such as one-time Installation fee, yearly or monthly subscriptions. You should understand the overall cost involved and compare it with similar products available on the market before you the make the decision to purchase. There is also free antivirus software with excellent security features available online which is suitable for small businesses, start-ups and home users running on a tight budget.

You should also check how often the software does a full-system scan and whether you can schedule them according to your convenient time. Though full-system scans are important, they can be really time-consuming and will consume excessive CPU and memory, making it difficult to do other tasks during the scan. You should choose the antivirus software that provides an option to schedule the scans outside your normal working hours to ensure it does not impact your productivity.

It has been found based on a survey that more than 50% of the small and medium businesses have got breached during last year with the most common attacks done through phishing, web-based and social engineering techniques. Apart from viruses and other malware, businesses have also witnessed a significant increase in the Ransomware attacks recently. You should consider acomplete security solution like those offered by Bitdefender, which can protect your systems from all the cyber threats including zero-day and malware attacks, Ransomware, phishing and viruses. Bitdefender is excellentAntivirus software which monitors and protects your systems automatically. It can block malicious email attachments in real-time and requires very little maintenance.

You should choose a product which offers 24/7 customer support and responds to your queries promptly. You should consider the ease of installation and the support platforms before choosing any Antivirus software. It should be user-friendly and there should not be any incidents of false positive. You should also inquire about the frequency of updates and ensure that you get the latest virus signatures updates in the database periodically.  Some products offer cloud-based solutions while others require installation on-premises and you can choose the appropriate option based on your business requirements. Choosing the best product is one of the qualities of a successful entrepreneur. Every product has their own pros and cons and you can choose the best one after evaluating all the above parameters and going through the existing customer reviews.

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