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In order to manage the campaigns perfectly, it is essential to choose your affiliate platform. This is the tool that will serve you to create your campaigns or those of your customers, manage affiliates (selection, compensation), make available to them the promotional elements (banner, mailing kit), and of course, track all the transformations in order to remunerate the affiliates accordingly.

In the article, you will find a presentation, an affiliate platform, but before making your choice, make sure that these features are offered by the platform you will select:

A clear interface for affiliates to easily find line items and track their results.In order to satisfy a maximum of affiliates, the platform must offer several compensation systems (lead, of course, but also CPM or CPC).Similarly, it must integrate a billing system in order to easily pay the different affiliates.And if you are an agency, important, check the number of programs you can create. Some platforms may seem advantageous from a tariff point of view for a program but much less when several are managed. From Hustle Life now you will be having the best deals now.

Choose An Attractive Remuneration For Both Parties

The affiliate compensation strategy is one of the key elements of a successful campaign. If the pay is too low, you will not be able to seduce the affiliates. Conversely, if it is too high, the ROI will not be at the rendezvous.

Before proposing a compensation grid, benchmark affiliate programs in your area to see what the competition offers. The goal, for a new entrant, is to propose better to seduce the affiliates.

Also think about pay in steps. With this system, you will be able to seduce the biggest affiliates by proposing a remuneration increasing according to the volume brought.

Set Up Processes For Checking The Quality Of Leads

Another important point is to check the quality of the leads you bring . Have a strict follow-up, it will allow you to filter the non-qualitative leads so as not to pay them and to identify the affiliates bringing the most qualitative leads in order to offer them a bonus pay system and motivate them to provide you with more visibility and volume.

Promote the Program to Recruit Affiliates

Even after the launch phase of the program, do not rest on your laurels, continue to promote the program continuously.

Identify and Retain Your Best Affiliates

As we saw in point 3, it is important to identify the best affiliates:

  • Those who bring a large volume of leads
  • Those who bring more qualified leads than the average
  • Or those with a network that can improve your brand or those of your customers

Once these “top affiliates” have been identified, take the time to communicate with them in order to collect their feedback and propose appropriate solutions.

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