2018 IPSIDY Services – Authentication, Identification, And Authorization


Identity theft and account breaches are some of the most dreaded problems that most of us are currently facing the rapid innovation in technology. But we cannot stop the changes to happen. What we can do is to find an effective way to secure our identity and make everything that we do with our lives as private as possible.

Ipsidy’s mission is “Identity”. The company believes that this transaction platform will be able to help individuals have a more effective way to secure their citizens, their employees, even their customers. This will also secure any physical and digital transactions and also to provide a more secure global connection.

The IPSIDY Services

            IPSIDY is promoting an identity platform which will allow mobile users to authenticate their personal identity using a mobile phone or another portable device of their preference. Check here https://www.ipsidy.com/ to know more about their services.

idlok – The Next Gen Authentication. In just a single transaction, you can authenticate, authorize and also do the audit. This is by using the Biometric, Multi-Factor Authentication.

  • Biometric Verification. This can support facial, iris, finger, and even voice recognition. This has a high-speed matching detection perfect for iOS and any Android device.
  • Push Notifications Authentication. With this platform, you can start using a digital signature that is needed for daily business transactions.
  • Digital Signature. This is an additional security for verifying data which can be very useful to any business transactions to avoid any cases of “man in the middle” scams.

idsearch – Biometric Identification with Scale. Because of the high demand in user-friendly biometric identity solutions, the government, as well as any businesses, are looking for ways on how to secure their workplaces and also to reduce any liabilities linked to fraud and identity theft.

  • The biometric enrollments are scalable and have is capable to check for any match.
  • This has a proprietary image processing where tier 1 fingerprint algorithms are used.
  • This platform is using a biometric template generation with specific information like the minutia position, type, core, as well as the delta position.
  • This has a multi-modal capability that can be used with other biometric modalities like facial and iris.
  • The biometric backend search modes are wide range. This includes 1:1, 1: few, and 1: N.
  • This also has an API documentation and developer support used for any third party integration.
  • This is very easy to use. It’s a simple “plug and play” for 3rd party biometric capture devices.

idtransact – This Is An Authorization network for Mobile Payments With Identity. This is perfect if your aim is to build a mobile ecosystem for your agents, merchants, as well as your consumers. You would be able to accept closed-loop cards for any transaction. This can be done in-store, online, or through the app.

The IPSIDY system will allow each participant to complete certain transactions using a digitally signed authentication response. This will include transaction data and also embedded information of the participant’s identity which is made accessible to the business. This kind of innovation is what many are looking for. This is one of the best ways to secure our identity.

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